Acupunture & Massage, Glendale WI
Gary Chulkins L.Ac., L.M.T.Gary is a licensed Acupuncturist and licensed Massage Therapist. He received his Master's in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in 2004.  
Gary graduated from Blue Sky massage school in 1993, with many courses in Neuro-Muscular Therapy (N.M.T.), Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Myofascial release,and more. Breathwork is his latest pursuit of healing certifications. His experience also includes 33 years as a black belt instructor in Chinese Kenpo and Yoga Instructor (from the Iyengar tradition) since 1975. He has treated acute and chronic cases related to stress and constitutional imbalances (dis-eases), workplace injuries, and sports injuries. " My specialty is working Acupuncture and Massage in the same session to integrate mind, body and spirit." "I have had direct experience with pain & healing on many levels, and still growing in ways to live lighter." 

Acupuncture & Massage, Glendale WI

Susan StruveL.M.T.Susan is a licensed Massage Therapist who received her B.S. from Carroll College and is a graduate of Blue Sky Massage School (1995). She was a colon therapist for eight years. Susan is an excellent vegeterian cook and will share recipes at her cooking class. Check Classes on this site for the upcoming schedule. 
Susan is available for Massage at the office for relaxation, therapeautic and  essential oil treatments.
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Acupuncture & Massage
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Acupuncture & Massage, Glendale WI
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